Women Entrepreneurs

There’s a saying –

we teach what we most need to learn

– and that’s what has been running through my mind as I reflect on having hosted yesterday’s sell-out WDF meeting on Women Entrepreneurs.

There were definitely some valuable lessons which I will be applying to my own business.

We were delighted to welcome a fabulous panel of local women entrepreneurs: –

Some of the loudest messages coming from our speakers were: –

  • Do what you love to do because the hours will be long and you will need that passion to keep you going.
  • Pay others to do what you are not good at, they are experts and can do it quicker than you.
  • Get word about what you do out to your market, don’t wait about expecting business to find you.
  • If you see a market niche – fill it.
  • Get help to understand the numbers and keep your eye on the finances.
  • Ask for money and you will get advice, ask for advice and you might get money!
  • Just do it!

Also included in the programme was advice from our sponsor EY’s Winning Women programme, which really struck home for me –

work on the business rather than in it!

But the few quotes above can’t begin to convey what it was actually like to be in the room yesterday.

It was that sense of yes it takes effort to run your own business but it’s not rocket science and you don’t have to be super clever.

Plus the people at StartUp Guernsey are there to help with lots of free expert advice. The message was clear – we did it and so can you!

All of the speakers spoke about balancing family commitments around the business and how being their own boss had helped enormously.

So maybe the biggest insight I had from the event was –  if we could encourage more women to start their own businesses, whether working around the needs of a growing family, or like me,  with the freedom of a family grown and mortgage paid off –

maybe this would be a way to bring the much needed stimulation to the Guernsey economy?