Women and Power

While researching for yesterday’s WDF event – The Power of Women in Business, I found this quote: –

A woman can never be too thin or too rich, but until very, very recently she could be too powerful

It came from an interesting article expounding that

Power has for so long been a male construct that it distorted the shape of the first women who tried it on.

before going on to say that now

women have begun to transform, to broaden and deepen, the whole idea of power.

And one such women who is leading the Power revolution from the front, is yesterday’s guest speaker Karen Jones, Founder and CEO of Citywealth who has pioneered the Powerwomen Awards©.

Karen is a true trailblazer; she launched the Powerwomen Awards in 2012, from where they have earned her a number of coveted Stevie Awards for women helping women.

Karen made some interesting points during her talk on why she had chosen to use the word power.

Power represents the positive qualities we wanted to embed in business women like influence, ability, potential, competence and authority

She also told us about her journey in setting up Citywealth, and that the Powerwomen awards came into existence as a spontaneous reaction from the audience at an event.

Karen’s mission is to support and promote the profile of women in the wealth industry, through academic research which helps women push back in their organisation to create change. Karen said

The dissemination of information about gender is power

It was fabulous to see the prominent role women in the Channel Islands are playing in this revolution, with 31 of the IFC Powerwomen Top 200 list for 2015, coming from Guernsey and another 50 from Jersey.

All of our panellists at yesterday’s event have been on the Citywealth Powerwomen Top 200 list for three consecutive years: –

Lisa Vizia – Director Saffery Champness

  • Shortlisted for the Woman of the Year: Business Growth award twice

Adv. Jessica Roland – Managing Partner at Mourant Ozannes

  • Winner of the Gold Award for Woman of the Year: Female Leadership (IFC/Professional Services) at last week’s Powerwomen awards in the City.

Shauna Clapham – Director Swoffers

The one uniting feature of all of our speakers at yesterday’s event was they came across as women able to wear the Powerwomen title with confidence but without a trace of arrogance, dispelling  those old myths about women and power. Cultural change comes about in many ways, and through the efforts of these Powerwomen …

… we are now able to see the words “women” and “power” together without an involuntary flinch!