Testimonials from Enneagram Courses

“After 20 years of personality profiling exercises in the corporate world I thought I knew and understood myself. This course turned what I knew on it’s head. If you want to learn more about your “true self” and understand those you love, do this course!”

Karen Power – Self Explorer


“Learning about my hidden strengths and weaknesses is helpful. Doing it with other open-minded souls is exciting. Applying this knowledge in real life is liberating. Michelle is a soulful and skillful guide on this short but remarkable journey.”

Nataliya – Therapist


“How can you lead others if you have not truly understood yourself and worked on your own development? This is an interactive course where the other participants are as much the teachers as Michelle, who guides the discussions effortlessly. At the same time you also get to understand others and how they approach life which makes for more harmonious relationships both personally and professionally. Highly recommended”

Sharon McMillan – Director Financial Services


“The impact of participating in this course has been immeasurably positive. My levels of tolerance and understanding of others have increased. Whilst my acceptance of myself has led to a marked improvement in my well-being. I cannot recommend this course more highly.”

An Enneagram 4


“The Enneagram is a multi-faceted, self-reflection tool that can help us learn about our levels of personal development, hidden behavioural patterns and leadership styles and be used in personal and business lives. Michelle has years of deep experience and practice with the Enneagram and is a world-class teacher. I would recommend anyone who is interested in self-mastery to take this course.”

Sasha Kazantseva-Miller


“I thoroughly recommend this course it was transformational for me and has helped me become so much more self-aware.”

Senior HR Professional


“This course is perfect for those new or with little understanding of the Enneagram which is a fascinating model. I learnt a lot more about myself than I expected and will also use what io have learnt in both my work and personal life. I truly believe this will have a positive impact on my relationships and my own personal well-being.”

Manager – States of Guernsey


“If you want to understand this course, think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There’s a mixed bag of individuals thrown together with the common goal of chocoholism (self-development), visiting different rooms each one very different to the next (9 Types) with a dear leader guiding you along the way opening doors to the rooms, which you might find a little scary at times, but always being there to support you (Michelle). Note that this course does not involve singing and there is zero risk of you turning into a blueberry and floating away. The journey is exciting, fun, engaging and you come out with a very different perspective to the one with which you went in. Highly recommended.”

E.H. a Lawyer


“You’re a dick if you don’t try an Enneagram course! Self-development is crucial and you’re arrogant if you make no attempt.”

An Enneagram 8 🙂