Systemic Constellations

A soulful way of illuminating pressing personal, professional, and organisational issues

Systemic Constellations is an approach that looks at emotional, relational, and/or behavioral issues as “systemic” phenomenon

What are Systemic Constellations?

Systemic Constellations have nothing to do with astrology; “constellation” in this case merely refers to a physical “map” we make, either using desk top markers, post-it notes, pieces of paper or coloured squares, of the “system” we are looking at.

The “system” might be a workplace scenario, personal relationship, your family of origin, a new business venture or a difficult repeating behavioural pattern you have wanted to be free from for so long.

Systemic Constellations are equally as powerful whether experienced as part of One-to-One Coaching sessions, or in small group workshops.

As a methodology people often turn to Systemic Constellations when nothing else they’ve tried has worked! Primarily because most other “change” methodologies work from the premise that the pattern which is troubling you, belongs to you, you own it, it’s your problem.

Systemic Constellations opens up the possibility that this unwanted pattern didn’t actually start with you….

Examples of applications for Systemic Constellation Coaching include: –

  • Freeing yourself from unwanted repeating patterns of behaviour
  • Resolving relational issues with partners, family and work colleagues
  • Moving past internal blockers towards a desired goal
  • Coming to terms with past family traumas and secrets
  • Handling difficult experiences, such as adoption, abortion, still birth, illegitimacy, rape and abuse
  • Ascertaining the most supportive direction when at a career crossroad
  • Stopping sabotaging your own success
  • Clearing blockers in the way of promotion
  • Assessing strategies for new business enterprises such as products, services, market sector, business name, logo, pricing, timing
  • Gaining a better internal sense of your own inner resources

One-to-One Coaching

Systemic Constellations can be experienced as part of one-to-one coaching sessions

A little surprisingly perhaps, this methodology also works really well by Zoom Coaching

Family Constellations look at how repeating patterns in your current life, which may be impacting either or both  your work and personal life, have their origins in systemic entanglements in your family of origin.

Gaining freedom from these patterns is possible through a gentle acknowledgement of the “systemic orders” within the family system, through either being an Issue Holder at a Family Constellation workshop or in a One-to-One Coaching session.

Organisational Constellations grew out of the family work, as the theory of Systemic Orders were found to apply to business systems as well as families.

The work has been further developed beyond helping to solve problems such as difficulties arising from – mergers and acquisitions, changing business purpose, new management, revised strategy and/or difficult employees, to also looking at business development such as – branding, new products and customer segments.

To explore your business systemically, you can either attend a workshop as an Issue Holder or book a One-to-One Coaching session

“I saw Michelle for a Systemic Constellation Coaching session as part of our ongoing coaching relationship, what I experienced was deeper than any session before.

I have a lot of trauma in my family history and Michelle went through some questions to establish what pattern was currently playing out in my life and explained how the session would work. Through this process we established the specific shift I was looking for from the constellation session.

This work requires a lot of trust and compassion to create a safe holding space. I think it important for new clients to know they can do this work while still keeping back what they are not yet ready to share, and also, it’s OK if they don’t know the specifics about what happened to their family members.

Honestly, I can highly recommend Systemic Constellation coaching with Michelle, it was a hugely beneficial experience.”

Senior Manager, Guernsey

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