Systemic Constellation Testimonial


“I saw Michelle for a Systemic Constellation Coaching session as part of our ongoing coaching relationship, what I experienced was deeper than any session before, I have to say that Michelle was in her true element.

From the moment she led me up to her room which was filled with flowers, sun light and aromatherapy, I immediately felt permission to slow down and relax.

I have a lot of trauma in my family history and Michelle went through some questions to establish what pattern was currently playing out in my life and explained how the session would work. Through this process we established the specific shift I was looking for from the constellation session.

I loved the fact that she gave me a choice around how much to share about my family’s history. Yes, she was looking for people who had left my family early and traumatic events that had happened to us, but there was absolutely no judgement about any of it. And I didn’t’ need to go into the details of what happened, we could just work with the facts.

This work requires a lot of trust and compassion to create a safe holding space. I have worked with Michelle before so it’s easy for me to pour my heart out to her, but I think it important for new clients to know they can do this work while still keeping back what they are not yet ready to share, and also, it’s OK if they don’t know the specifics about what happened to their grandparents, for example.

When we started to set out the constellation, I was asked to select and position coloured felt tiles, to represent the various elements / people in the system we were working with. She then asked me to stand on the felt squares in turn and report back what I felt in the different places. It was a little astonishing quite how different I felt in the different places, both emotionally and physically. As the session progressed Michelle guided me to bring in different elements and say sentences out loud to the various elements.

An example of the type of sentence we used was “You are a part of this family and so am I”. Simple statement of the truth, such as this, created involuntary tingling in my hands and warmth under my feet as things started to shift and the tears flowed, so do be ready for that!

Michelle was so very gentle and caring and took the time to allow for that release. I did feel very tired after the session as a lot had been processed and did go home and lie down.

After a cup of tea and some sea air I was ready for the weekend and felt much lighter.

Honestly, I can highly recommend Systemic Constellation coaching with Michelle, it was a hugely beneficial experience.”

Senior Manager, Guernsey  

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