The Enneagram at Work

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The Enneagram at Work


An in depth course on each type for those who have completed the introductory – Understanding Yourself and Others with the Enneagram course – to get a deeper understanding of each type and how they operate at Work.

Where attendance in person is not possible, delegates may attend by Zoom or view a Zoom recording after the session


Lead from your strengths / See how others’ see you / Learn what drives behaviour at work / Spot why and when you'll either thrive or struggle

This 9 Module course is designed for those who have completed the Introductory Course - Understanding Yourself and Others with the Enneagram or have already gained some understanding of their own type.

The Enneagram is an in-depth personality typology tool which describes 9 basic worldviews and their unconscious motivations which influence how people work, learn, make decisions and lead others.

Each of the 9 types have natural strengths and gifts to offer but also a tendency to overplay these strengths, creating limitations, blind spots and areas of interpersonal conflict.

Delegates need to understand how all 9 types operate within them, plus how they unconsciously pull from their stress and growth types.

The Enneagram is a vast body of open-access knowledge, but requires sufficient maturity to enable participants to recognise and own their less helpful patterns, while being able to see the higher potential in both themselves and others.

An advanced course for those with a basic understanding of the Enneagram, who have previously identified and studied their core personality type.


6.00 pm – 8.30 pm in the Group room


11. Jan / 1. Feb / 22.Feb / 15. Mar / 5. Apr / 3. May / 24. May / 14. Jun / 5. Jul


The Group Room, Bla Himmel, 6 Clos de Verger, Ville au Roi, St Peter Port GY1 1NZ