Is someone in the office doing your head in?

Looks like it’s a yes then, if you’ve clicked this link!

The thing is – even when we’ve secured that dream job, whether we are actually able to enjoy being at work is largely down to the relationships we have with the other people around us – whether they be colleagues, clients, the boss, or our direct reports.

So why do other people act in seemingly crazy ways?

Well simply put, their ways are not crazy to them! And it’s likely they’re looking right back at you wondering something similar!

The key to understanding both our-selves and other people is to appreciate that different personalities are driven by different unconscious and often conflicting motivators e.g., to get the job done at any cost, to prove there is only one right way, to guard against danger, to name just a few.

When people function at work from the “high end” of their personality types we get to appreciate that all the different personalities and approaches have wonderful, diverse strengths and gifts to offer.

Trouble is that’s not the norm!

Unless we have developed a high level of self-awareness, it’s much more likely we will just act on autopilot from our blinkered personality biases.

And when this gets bad the office can become a pit of – ear-smoking frustration, frozen ignored emails, frantic under-cover chocolate guzzling and desk face-planting!

So, what to do?

If we could gain the self-awareness needed to resolve this by solo introspection, we would, but really that’s way too hard for most people! Most of us want to progress and learn but often just don’t have the time, resources, or desire for years of coaching, counselling or therapy.

This is where the fabulous Enneagram Personality typology system can help!

The Enneagram is a personality typology with its roots in antiquity which has been brought up to date over the past 60+ years with modern depth psychology. It forms a map through which we can study ourselves and others through the lens of the 9 core Enneagram types.

That’s when we can discover how different personality types have their own favourite ways of approaching life, which show up as repeating patterns, here are a few examples: –

  • thinking they know best and being overly critical (of self and others)
  • doing and saying just about anything to avoid conflict
  • working so hard to achieve goals they ride roughshod over everyone else
  • taking everything personally
  • finding any distraction possible to avoid the boring tasks – coffee anyone?
  • getting so anxious and worried that projects rarely get finished
  • freezing out other people to get on with the job

Recognise anyone??? Recognise yourself??? Mmmm, its always an ouch when we start to see our own patterns.

But we all have them, so this is why we can change partners, workplaces, colleagues, and friends and the same old sh** starts happening again!

So instead let’s imagine a world, a workplace, a home where everyone is operating from the gifts of their personalities!

Too good to be true?

Yes probably, we are human after all, but we can at least make a start in this direction and the Enneagram is just the tool to shows us how …

Of course, these days there’s oodles of info online about the Enneagram, if you’ve the time and endless patience you can teach yourself, but if you’re based in Guernsey and would rather a bit of local guidance, then why not consider joining a small in person group of 8 like-minded souls to work together through a 5 Module Introductory course over 4 months starting 31st January 2023.

Understanding Yourself and Others with the Enneagram

Cost £350 Corporate / £275 Private

with 10% discount if booked by 16th December

5 Modules – 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm Tuesdays 31.Jan / 28.Feb / 28. Mar / 25. Apr / 16.May 2023

To book a zoom chat to find out if this is for you, contact Coach and Enneagram Teacher Michelle Johansen at / 07781 112463 

Read more about the Enneagram at


After 20 years of personality profiling exercises in the corporate world I thought I knew and understood myself. This course turned what I knew on its head. If you want to learn more about your “true self” and understand those you love, do this course!

Karen Power

 How can you lead others if you have not truly understood yourself and worked on your own development? This is an interactive course where the other participants are as much the teachers as Michelle, who guides the discussions effortlessly. At the same time, you also get to understand others and how they approach life which makes for more harmonious relationships both personally and professionally. Highly recommended.

 Sharon McMillan


I am a HR Professional and the Enneagram is the best tool I have come across. Michelle brings the Enneagram to life in a truly understandable way.

Karen Martin

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