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Exploring Possibilities, Igniting Passion and Unlocking Potential

Potential resides in the parts of us we don't know yet.

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25 May: Enneagram Dialogue Coaching

…. a gentle path to freedom from repeating patterns DO YOU? Love the Enneagram? Think finding your type has been…

23 Nov: How do I find my Enneagram Type?

Finding your core Enneagram type is a process of self-discovery to be enjoyed over a period of months or even…

27 Oct: Guidelines for Issue Holders in Family Constellations

It is often advisable to have first attended a Family Constellation Workshop as a Representative before choosing to be an…


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Female Potential and Islandmums on Feminine Business

“7 out of 8 people believe they work for companies who don’t care about them as people” Amy Adkins – Gallup 2015

We say – it doesn’t have to be that way!