Frequently Asked Questions about the Enneagram Course

Q – Why is the Enneagram better than other personality systems such as Prism, MBTI, Insights that we already use in the office?

A – In truth if you just watch a few videos, do an online test or take a day course, it isn’t! But if you take the time to work more slowly such as in the 5 Module course running over 4 months, avoid coming to a conclusion too quickly about your type and really exploring the material, there is so much more you can find out about yourself and other people with the Enneagram. Simply, the Enneagram has the potential to support you lifelong as a tool for personal growth.

Q – Where does the Enneagram come from?

A – It’s a long story but the short version is, it has its roots in antiquity and has been brought up to date through the last 60+ years of depth psychology. The system isn’t owned by anyone so there are umpteen books and online resources, biggest trouble with that is sorting through the crap online to find the good stuff.

Q – Is the Enneagram religious?

A – Good question! The Enneagram began as an ancient spiritual system and has been claimed by both Christians and Sufis as their own. (Both religions have the same origins so they can both lay claim to it!) The modern Enneagram of Personality, that I teach, is based on the last 60+ years’ work.

Q – What qualifies you to teach the Enneagram?

A – I have been working with the Enneagram in my own developmental process for 22 years. When I became a coach 15 years ago, I decided to train with the Enneagram Institute, founded by the preeminent Enneagram authorities Don Riso and Russ Hudson, authors of the seminal text The Wisdom of the Enneagram, this training is ongoing. I have also studied for over 12 years with Sandra Maitri, author of the Spiritual Dimensions of the Enneagram. The Enneagram becomes a way of life. I’m 5 years into teaching an advanced group some of who’ve been with me from the start and I’m still learning lots as I explore ever deeper.

Q – When’s a good time in life to start exploring the Enneagram?

A – I’d say when you’ve Fu** Up enough to be willing to look at yourself! I had to burn through my first marriage and a long-term relationship before I was willing to consider it might be me that was the problem.

Q – Is working with the Enneagram uncomfortable?

A – Sure, it wouldn’t be much good if it didn’t make us wriggle a bit. The trick is to go slow enough so we can digest the uncomfortable material we meet along the way. That’s how we grow towards greater self-acceptance and acceptance of others. Eventually we can learn to love ourselves in all of our perfect imperfection and the crazy behaviour of other people doesn’t seem quite so crazy anymore.

Q – If learning about the Enneagram is so good why isn’t my work running the course?

A – Now that’s a good question! I’ve currently got a proposal in for one company and in talks with another. It is tricky though as it requires the people in the group to want to learn about themselves and be prepared to do the work, so a tough call for intact teams – so this is ideal for a group who can self-select to attend with an open-minded leader willing to push a little at the edges of the known universe.