Enneagram Dialogue Coaching

…. a gentle path to freedom from repeating patterns


Love the Enneagram?

Think finding your type has been life changing?

Want everyone you know to take the test?

Think it would change the world if they did?


Skim over the bit in the book about Development Practices?

Haven’t quite gotten around to doing any of them yet?

Had a go, but it didn’t feel good, so you stopped?

If so, the good news is you are normal!

Because our egos just don’t like doing these practices, as they encourage us to do the exact opposite of what our Core Enneagram Type believes will bring us happiness and fulfilment!

So it’s absolutely normal for us to defend against doing the practices, even when we are deeply committed to growth!

This is all made even harder because when we do follow our Enneagram Types’ Core Drivers and achieve one of it’s goals, this does gives us temporary pleasure and relief. But you can tell when we are caught in this cycle because no matter how much we achieve, it never sticks for long, and we are soon out hunting for more.

Our unconscious Enneagram drivers lead us ever on, whispering that if we just try hard enough, we could be the one person that both goes up the levels of development AND gets our ego drivers needs met. But what if that’s just not possible?

So where do you go from here, if you do want to go up the Enneagram levels of psychological health but can’t get on with the Development Practices?

Well maybe here is another solution …..

Enneagram Dialogue Coaching

a gentle path to freedom from unhelpful patterns

Enneagram Dialogue Coaching weaves together the wisdom of the Enneagram with the methodology of Voice Dialogue

This methodology works from the principle that our Core Type is dominant for a good reason. It contains our deepest coping strategies which have served us since childhood and we are rightly, unconsciously deeply committed to them, as they form our Core Identity. So trying to do development practices, which go against our type, whilst highly instructional, tends to bring out every defense method we have to avoid them.

And if we do summon up enough false will to try the practices, they can feel horrible so our attempts to embrace them often end in failure, and afterwards, to self-recrimination.

So to make real progress up the levels of development, we need to do something different.

We need to find out just how our repeating patterns, whilst in many ways unhelpful, are in fact unconsciously serving us.

We do this by allowing ourselves to connect with the different parts of us through the Voice Dialogue methodology. Both the part that wants rid of a pattern and the part that’s deeply committed to carrying it on.

Our Core Type patterns are there for protection and are our primary coping strategies, so they won’t let go easily.

By giving these different parts a platform to speak, and an opportunity to really be seen and understood.  We get to better understand what is driving our patterns, gleaning the benefits we believe will come from them.

And once the dominant parts of us have spoken and their good intentions been acknowledged, this allows the disowned and repressed parts of us to feel safe enough to have their turn to speak.

When they do then they can reveal their wisdom, new insights, repressed feelings and thereby illuminate the way forward.

In this methodology, we don’t just work with your Core Type but the top 3 types you most identify with. By using all 3 types we can identify the repeating patterns that most get in your way and target these in the sessions.

Counter intuitively, what helps us go back up the levels is not to try to do so.

The act of giving ourselves the time and space for what is within us to be seen, to be heard and to unfold at a pace which is manageable, is what will ultimately enable our Core Type to relax its grip and grant us more freedom from our repeating patterns..

Want to try it out?
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