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One-to-One Coaching can cover similar work and career related topics to Employer Sponsored Coaching, except when you pay for coaching yourself it’s your personal agenda we work on.

With One-to-One Coaching you set the agenda and objectives. As part of this process we will explore why you want to achieve certain goals as this is as important as developing a strategy to achieve them.

And unlocking potential and moving forward in our lives requires so much more than just goal setting. Yes we need goals but often they operate on top of what is really going on for us and once achieved we revert straight back to old ways and habits.

So one of the many benefits of having One-to-One Coaching is an opportunity to dare explore the parts of yourselves you really wish you didn’t have!

Michelle’s coaching style is designed to help you find out more about who you are as a person and why you do the things you do. She won’t judge anything you do negatively as all behaviour has its own positive motivations.

What really helps is finding ways to make our previously unconscious programming conscious, because only then we can create strategies for change.

Michelle will work with you at the outset of the coaching assignment to agree the style of coaching best suited to you. She is very happy to flex between conventional and more alternative coaching approaches according to what you would prefer.

Examples of the type of coaching topics included, but not limited to, are:-

  • Learning about yourself through the Enneagram personality typology
  • Career cross roads coaching
  • Preparing CVs and interview techniques
  • Creating clarity around what needs to change to gain promotion
  • Working through personal “Immunity to Change” blockers
  • Working with gender related employment issues
  • Working on skills and strategies to resolve relationship difficulties
  • Utilising NLP techniques to overcome fear of public speaking
  • Working on building resilience and stress reduction
  • Gaining new perspectives through Systemic Constellations
  • Other bespoke coaching objectives

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