Employer Sponsored Coaching/Mentoring

Michelle Johansen - Coaching

Prices for Employer Sponsored Coaching sessions vary according to the specific requirements of the sponsor, the coaching objectives, seniority of employee, size and sector of the organisation. Concessions are made for small private companies, public and third sector organisations.

Initial “chemistry” sessions are offered free of charge.

To book an initial discussion with Michelle please email michelle@femalepotential.co.uk 

Other Coaching offers

xOne-to-One Coaching

Often described as “Executive Coaching” because those in the executive grades are the ones most likely to be offered employer sponsored coaching.

However employees at any stage of their careers can benefit from coaching, especially through important career steps such as taking on a leadership role.

For those lucky enough to have an employer foot the bill, Michelle will partner with both the coachee and their employer, to explore ways to explore how to realise more of your career potential.

Coaching packages include an optional pre-meeting with the line manager and review of 360 / psychometric reports plus personality typing data. If no such data exists Michelle will offer a personality typing assessment to support the coaching assignment.

Clear coaching objectives are set at the outset of the process with both the coachee and organisation.

As Michelle has over 20 years’ experience in management and leadership positions in the finance industry, including 10 years as the sole women on an executive board, she also extends her services to include an element of mentoring as well as coaching, when required.

Over the past 10 years she has worked on numerous such coaching assignments and takes great enjoyment watching the careers of her past coaching clients flourish.

Examples of the type of coaching topics included, but not limited to, are:-
  • Creating clarity around what needs to change to take the next step up the career ladder
  • Working through personal “Immunity to Change” blockers
  • Working with gender related employment issues
  • Maternity coaching
  • Working on skills and strategies to resolve workplace relationship difficulties
  • Looking at system dynamics to understand the role you are playing in your current situation
  • Developing strategies to achieve performance development plan targets
  • Overcoming fear of public speaking / speaking up in meetings
  • Working on building resilience and stress reduction
  • Other bespoke coaching objectives

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