Coaching Approach, Pricing and Packages

Coaching Approach

What to expect from coaching and what to consider when signing up for coaching sessions

Coaching Approach

Coaching covers a wide range of methodologies. The approach I adopt is to help clients gain a greater understanding of who they are and the unconscious drivers behind what they do, so that with deep self-compassion, they can shift their patterns of behaving in a way that serves them better.

Coaching is a safe, confidential space for clients to explore and make sense of what is happening in their lives. A supportive environment for them to learn more about themselves and decide how to move forward.

Private Clients

Most new coaching clients sign up for an initial package of 6 x 1.25 hour coaching sessions, having either first experienced a Taster session or having decided to go ahead based on the free exploratory call.

Some clients then renew for a further block of sessions, while others, especially those on the Coach / Mentor for Leadership track, engage for a longer period of time.

Generally a 6 session package works well for clients coming to coaching with a specific agenda, such as : –

  • Finding a new career direction
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Fear of public speaking
  • An unwanted repeating behaviour pattern
  • Loss of confidence
  • Getting past promotion blockers

For clients taking a more general approach, such as those wishing to deepen their self-awareness and long term personal growth, a combination of coaching sessions with attendance at the Understanding Yourself and Others with the Enneagram workshop, is recommended as a way to greater self-understanding.

Initial 6 Session Coaching Package

Employer Sponsored “Executive” Coaching

When employers sponsor “executive” coaching, the company usually has a specific goal they wish the employee to attain. The coaching can be focused towards helping the employee advance in their career or it may form part of a performance improvement plan.

This type of coaching is usually know as Executive Coaching although the client can be at any level in the organsation. Importantly, the oaching requires a 3 way agreement between the Client, the Company and the Coach.

This type of assignment usually includes a meeting between the coach, the client’s line manager and HR to set the coaching agenda. Sometime the client will be present at this meeting but more often the company wish to speak candidly to the coach. A chemistry session will then be held for the client to check out whether they gel with the coach. If selected the coach will then review any performance feedback, 360 appraisals or psychometric test data. Before holding the initial session with the client to discuss their agenda for the coaching. In most cases there will be a degree of difference between the company’s agenda and the clients agenda. The coach has to balance working with the best interests of the client with the fact that the sponsor is paying for a particular outcome.

Employer Sponsored Coaching requires highly skilled and experienced coaches and is therefore priced accordingly.

Prices are available on application. Discounts are available for the public sector, utilities and small private companies.

Employer Sponsored “Private” Coaching

For these assignments, the employer engages the coach to provide support for their employee, but the company does not get involved other than to pay the bill. The coaching agenda is entirely set by the employee and there will be no feedback from the coach to the employer at the end of the assignment.

These assignments can be undertaken at the private client rate stated above.

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