This is me, daring to be my own brand and do what feels most important right now – helping others find more self-acceptance and self-compassion in a rather crazy world!

It’s probably an understatement to say that 2020 has been a strange year so far! Although, one benefit of the lock-down for me has been the space to create this website and really think through the services I want to offer going forward.

As they say, you can’t take people where you haven’t gone yourself! It’s been a long journey and I’m still on it. I’ve been a coach since 2007 and on a continuous professional development path, passing through many modalities, letting some go and others develop further.

The two coaching modalities that really resonate with me are those I’m offering now – Coaching with Systemic Constellations and the Enneagram Personality Typology.

I’ve been studying the Enneagram for 20 years and Systemic Constellations for 10, so this isn’t exactly an overnight reinvention! Rather it a refocus and a shedding of some outer layers, to be brave enough to do something a bit more unconventional.

Focusing on Coaching with Systemic Constellations and the Enneagram is how I believe I can add the greatest value for clients, especially in these incredibly challenging times. Alongside teaching the Enneagram in a way that is both easily accessible and of direct benefit to people in understanding themselves and their relationships.

I will also be continuing to explore my Leadership offer guided by the principles of Heartfulness, Humanness and Openness, the qualities I feel we need more than ever in our leaders right now.

This has been a very difficult period for many and will, no doubt, continue to be so for some time. Our own business has been deeply impacted as Cato, my husband, usually works in France! While we totally recognise how lucky we are living in Guernsey, where it is easier to count our blessings.

Our blessings have included –  more time together – fully embracing working via Zoom, both for one-to-one coaching and workshops – having space for me to undertake further training in Family Constellations, which I have loved –  and totally redesigning our garden into a productive vegetable plot!

2018 to 2020

In 2018 I set out on an adventure to discover more of my female potential through setting up Female Potential! My goal was to bring more of myself to the table – including both my “corporate” self and my more “alternative” self. It was a continuation of my 10 year exploration into gender in the workplace. It was an interesting adventure offering a Podcast, Networking events, Development Pods as well as Coaching, but for various reasons, (which are expanded on in this Article) I came to the realisation that it was time to hand over the baton on purely female focused work to others. I have been delighted to see the progress Women in Public Life are making, as well as a number of other female focused initiatives.

2007 to 2017

In 2007 I started work as a Coach having previously trained with CTI; gaining accreditation as an ICF Professional Certified Coach back in 2012. Being a coach is less about what you do for a living and more about setting out on a life-long journey of self-discovery – simply you can’t take a client where you haven’t ventured yourself.

During these years my personal discovery journey took me to train as an Organisational and Relationship Systems Coach, NLP Practioner, Enneagram Practioner, Organisational Systemic Constellator and a Voice Dialogue Facilitator as well as becoming an ongoing student in a Psycho-Spiritual school called the Diamond Approach. (Follow the hyperlinks to see where and with whom I studied) All of these disciplines are woven together to make up my current coaching model.

For 8 of these years, the Women’s Development Forum “WDF” (a not-for-profit I founded, dedicated to supporting women in the corporate world), took up every spare moment of my time. Over the years of operation in Guernsey and Jersey we ran over 120 WDF meetings, with 7000+ attendees. Our style was “friendly, fun and inclusive”, where women networked together as equals while raising awareness of topics pertinent to women in the workplace.

Before 2007

Before I became a coach I spent over 20 years working in the Guernsey finance industry, during which I qualified as a Chartered Secretary and gained an MA with distinction in Strategic HR Management, but never actually worked directly in either of those areas! For 10 of the 20 years I was Director of Operations for an offshore fund administration company and the only female on a board.

I can admit now that I was never very interested in the finance part of my job, it was leading the people that really floated my boat. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in that role but as an Enneagram 3 drove myself hard, took on way too much, did everything at high speed until I reached the point of burn out.

Back to Now

I have learned so much about myself, about leadership and about personal development since jettisoning my corporate career.

Since turning 60 in 2019, I am consciously aware of how I am transitioning into eldership. Popular culture favours the young and has little time for the old, but I want to fully embrace this period of my life and encourage others to do so too.

For now my journey continues with continual learning and personal development, and my greatest desire is to pass on some of the wisdom that I have acquired through an eclectic and varied life, so that others of all ages can benefit too.


  • MA Strategic Human Resource Management – Distinction 2005
  • Graduate Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators 1996
  • Graduate CTI Intermediate Coaching Programme 2003
  • Graduate CTI Co-Active Leadership Programme 2008
  • NLP Practioner 2008
  • Graduate Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching 2010
  • Enneagram Practitioner Training – Parts I & II 2007 & 2010
  • Graduate – Systemic Organisational Constellations 2014
  • Voice Dialogue Facilitator 2018
  • Professional Practioner in Organisational Constellations 2019
  • Family Constellations for Professional Success 2020

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