A less familiar universe …

Emerging this morning after 2 weeks in the cosy, parallel universe of Christmas, I find myself abruptly, not just in a New Year, but also in a less familiar universe having just said goodbye to my husband at the airport, who won’t be back in Guernsey until February, as well as having dismantled the ground floor of our house ready for the decorators on Monday. Suddenly the world I usually take for granted has temporarily disappeared, although these changes are small in the over all scheme of things, it has nevertheless brought into sharp focus for me how all our worlds can change from one moment to another.

Looking back to this time last year, I neither imagined the painful closure of our UK partnership or the impetus which saw me launch the Women’s Leadership Forum and WDF Jersey. Sitting here on the threshold of 2015, it is again hard to imagine quite what 2015 will bring. But what I am learning, especially from Sasha Kazentseva, my co-presenter for January’s WDF – Tomorrow’s World, is the rate of change we all need to handle from year to year is increasing exponentially and it will be those of us who are able to adapt to constant change who will be the ones to survive and flourish going forward.

Although 2015 is the half way point for the WDF vision we set out in 2010 for 2020, it seems much less important and somewhat old paradigm to spend too much time and energy charting our progress towards a numerical goal. It feels much more relevant to reflect on the impact WDF has had on the female business community over the last 5 years and gather the thoughts, desires and needs of the women in  Guernsey and Jersey on how to support these communities to adapt to the tsunami of change undoubtedly coming all of our way in 2015 and the next 5 years.

It’s impossible to predict what changes this less familiar universe will actually bring, so I am setting my own personal intention for 2015 to continue to learn, adapt and serve – with the hope that I can flow with the current around life’s inevitable boulders….

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Thank you and the speakers for an amazing forum yesterday at les Cotils
Food for thought stll again today and at 6 am this morning
Making MUST DO list
Do you have the same format/adgenda in Jersey that my daughter who lived near st malo could attend in Jersey in future ?
p.s Good luck with decorators

Many thanks Jess, the Jersey format is similar although at the moment we are running 4 events in this year’s programme as opposed to 10 in Guernsey. If this first year goes well we will increase the number in Jersey next year. Membership details and newsletter sign up are on the website http://www.wdforum.org – our newsletter for Jersey will be going out next week.
And the decorating is going well, thank you 🙂

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