A Brief Introduction to Systemic Coaching and Constellations

Back in 2012 I was invited to join a training session in Systemic Coaching and Constellations, I had no real idea what I was being invited to, but I liked the people so went along to London to find out more.

Walking into the room that day was an experience I will never forget, I had the most profound experience of suddenly feeling absolutely at home, as if I’d known the people in the group all my life. It was such a warm, supportive and friendly environment, like nothing I’d ever come across before, so I decided there and then that whatever this strange new methodology was, there must be something in it that needed further investigation.

I subsequently went on to complete the Systemic Coaching and Constellation Practioner Certificate taking to the methodology like the proverbial duck to water. I also spent a couple of years working with a group of constellators doing work in organisations as the methodology is as applicable to business situations as it is to families, where the work began.

In my one-to-one coaching practise I will often utilise constellation methodologies with clients, as a different way to access unconscious information and bring new insights into the coaching. Often when I have completed a coaching assignment, clients will refer back to the constellation session as the biggest highlight, the session that created the biggest movement for them.

From time to time I also host Systemic Constellation workshops in Guernsey, sometimes facilitated by me, and on other occasions I bring in the very talented Group Constellator – Elaine Harris

So what actually is Systemic Coaching and Constellations?

I thought it a good idea to include a short introduction to the work to help would-be clients understand some of the methodologies I utilise. Just a short, to the point explanation of what Systemic Coaching and Constellation actually is, but alas writing about this methodology seems to be more difficult than doing it!

I started by looking up Systemic Constellations on google and was directed to Wikipedia, which was not exactly helpful calling the methodology – Quantum Quackery! Mmm I suppose there are some sceptics out there!

Then I found this clip on YouTube which gives a simple view of some of the basic principles but doesn’t really explain what happens.

Interestingly many of the well-respected Systemic Constellation training organisations don’t even seem attempt to explain what it is or how it works on their websites. Whilst one of the books on my bookshelf by John Whittington from Coaching Constellations states: –

The most effective way to understand constellations is to experience them.

So next I thought I’d attempt my own description …..

Systemic Coaching is a Constellation methodology which is extremely useful when looking at patterns of stuck behaviour, whether that is a personal issues, relationship problem, dysfunctional team or business venture.
The methodology reveals previously hidden information which can then free up movement for something new to emerge.

Actually I get it, whilst those couple of sentences mean something to me, they could refer to a lot of different ways of coaching.

Ok next attempt – can I get more specific?

A Description of a One-to-One Coaching Constellation Method

Depending on the issue being coached, I’ll ask the client to draw a few pictures to represent different aspects of the issue on pieces of paper, (stick men, smiley faces etc. no great art work is necessary). Then I’ll ask the client to arrange the pieces of paper of the floor, how the client lays out the pieces will provide some information for discussion. Then I will ask the client to stand on the pieces of paper in an agreed order. In doing so the client will get new information on the issue and depending on what new information comes up I will ask them to rearrange the pieces of paper towards a resolution.

Does that help at all or just deepen the mystery?

Thankfully my friend Elaine explains it somewhat better than me on her website but having given it a try I really get her analogy that this is like explaining oranges to an alien!

Ok – I’m going to give up trying to write anything more meaningful

If you’d like to experience this amazing methodology then please either book a taster coaching session or sign up to one of our workshops on this website or send an email to michelle@femalepotential.co.uk to join the waiting list for the next Constellation workshop in Guernsey.

In the meantime here is a testimonial from a director who came to one of the workshops ….

Thank you for an amazing experience on Saturday. I had not realised the extent to which being connected with the past could influence and positively impact my own responses to the actions of others. What this training could achieve in business!

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