Michelle Johansen

Unlocking Female Potential through Personal Transformation

How Included Do You Feel?

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We’ve all been there, that feeling of being on the edge of a group, not quite belonging, not quite fitting in – but for most of us we are talking…

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The Power of Peer-Mentoring

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In 2014 I launched the Women’s Leadership Forum as a year- long experimental learning journey into the world of leadership from a female perspective, with a group of professional women…

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The Sex Debate

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Well that was interesting, entertaining and thought provoking …… I’m sitting here digesting last Thursday’s excellent WDF Sex Debate, kindly sponsored by Mourant Ozannes, and presented by Managing Partner Jessica Roland with…

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Votes for Women

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A recent conversation between Deputy Yvonne Burford and myself ……… Yvonne “I’ve launched a campaign to get more women elected as Deputies in the States of Guernsey in the 2016…

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If she can, I can …..

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Perched on the cliffs above Fermain bay I was watching a tiny fishing boat pitching up and down in the foaming waters between Guernsey and Sark, little more than a…

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Jumping off the Totem-Pole

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8 years ago I found myself in the hills above Sitges in Spain at the top of a 5 metre Totem Pole being told to jump off while shouting “I…

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Tomorrow’s World

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Tomorrow’s world will certainly be different from today – we will move about in driverless vehicles, interact with our family robots, manage our health through wearable technology and probably spend…

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A less familiar universe …

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Emerging this morning after 2 weeks in the cosy, parallel universe of Christmas, I find myself abruptly, not just in a New Year, but also in a less familiar universe having just said…

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Are you terrified of Public Speaking?

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One of the things in life which gives me the most pleasure is helping people overcome their fear of public speaking. I know about this subject having suffered myself throughout…

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Flexible Working – the WDF members view

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What type of working policy would we put together if we started again with a blank sheet of paper – balancing business needs with people needs? We would probably start…

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