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Unconscious Bias

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When a WDF meeting comes with pre-reading we know we’re getting down to the serious stuff! On Tuesday 28th March 2017 WDF welcomed Sarah Boddey, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer…

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Be Bold for Change

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“Be Bold for Change” this year’s International Women’s Day theme, is a call to action – but what bold change do we need to make? And how can we make…

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Valentine’s Day generally focuses on roses, cards and overpriced meals, concentrating on how much we love another or indeed how much they may love us, rather than how much we…

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We’re not sick, we’re Women!

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Being called “hormonal” is top of a list of 20 expression women would like banned along with ‘drama queen’, ‘bitchy’, ‘high maintenance’ and ‘hysterical’. Little wonder that the audience at…

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I was speaking to the gender balanced audience at Leadership Jersey saying how there’d never been a better time to be a woman, as we were standing at the edge…

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The Gender Paradox

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“There’s never been a better time to be a woman” a standard line of mine which I trotted out again at last week’s Leadership Jersey conference. Game changers this year…

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Is it my hormones?

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Today I am feeling tired, very tired, but regardless of how I’m feeling there is a mountain of work to do and I need to push on through ….. Having…

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Do you have a career plan?

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  I’m sitting here on a sunny afternoon wishing I was outside and asking myself how come I’ve managed to create a career that requires me to spend so many…

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Wardrobe Workout

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  “Dig out something in your wardrobe you feel fantastic in” she said, and there it was in one sentence the realisation I hadn’t felt fantastic in anything since well…

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The Long and Winding Road

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  If I’d written this blog ahead of yesterday’s WDF meeting – Pathways to the Top – I am sure it would have been full of helpful advice on what…

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