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2018 Endings and Beginnings

1920 580 Michelle Johansen

Ending – WDF will officially end as of 31st January 2018 Beginning – Female Potential will be launching in Q2 2018 Read on to understand why WDF needed to end…

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#MeToo – A Bovine Perspective

806 679 Michelle Johansen

Ever heard a gentle metallic tapping on your window and turned around to find one of these looking at you? Well neither had I until last Friday! In fairness I…

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Why Does Slowing Down Feel Shameful?

1280 720 Michelle Johansen

It’s been 2 months since the last WDF event, during which time I’ve learned a lot about sailing between the islands and France, started a health regime where I actually…

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Embracing Our Wobbly Bits

5068 2247 Michelle Johansen

I’m a powerful woman but I’ve still got wobbly bits! emphatically exclaimed a friend and colleague, at which point we both fell about laughing at her choice of words. But moments later,  the…

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Who would be a female politician?

640 415 Michelle Johansen

Since the mayhem of last week’s general election, I’ve been looking at some of the stories related to female politicians. The first obvious good news story is that a record breaking number…

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Creating a Level Playing Field

1248 840 Michelle Johansen

Listening to the speaker at the WDF Jersey meeting in May 2017 on Creating a Level Playing Field, I couldn’t help but feel a bit despondent! Despite working on this issue myself…

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Unconscious Bias

1664 762 Michelle Johansen

When a WDF meeting comes with pre-reading we know we’re getting down to the serious stuff! On Tuesday 28th March 2017 WDF welcomed Sarah Boddey, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer…

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Be Bold for Change

959 425 Michelle Johansen

“Be Bold for Change” this year’s International Women’s Day theme, is a call to action – but what bold change do we need to make? And how can we make…

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748 467 Michelle Johansen

Valentine’s Day generally focuses on roses, cards and overpriced meals, concentrating on how much we love another or indeed how much they may love us, rather than how much we…

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We’re not sick, we’re Women!

724 482 Michelle Johansen

Being called “hormonal” is top of a list of 20 expression women would like banned along with ‘drama queen’, ‘bitchy’, ‘high maintenance’ and ‘hysterical’. Little wonder that the audience at…

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